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Surat, Gujarat

Very good learning of various option strategy



I joined the group on 20.9.2019. It was a truly wonderful experience throughout the week as in such a volatile market i could get the returns on my capital which i expected to get in the whole month. That too without worrying where the market is going to open the next day. Great job and thanks to the Option Guru Team for giving me the confidence that money can be made from the markets.

Prakash Dharkar

Pune, Maharashtra

Hi , I am trading in options hedging since last 4 years but here I am leaning something new and different to trade market which nobody teaches you on you tube and other portals. Hedging is only way to earn money with lowest risk Everyone should join with great option guru for more learning with earning. Hope great option guru will grow further to achieve their goals as soon as possible. My wishes are always with you. Thanks, Prakash, Pune


BHIWADI, Rajasthan

Great Option Guru is very good Platform for Live Option Learning and Making Money !  I am Very impressed and excited ! Great option Guru - its Name Matched with its Great Services !

Paras Patel

Surat, Gujarat

This is my second week with The Great Option Guru , i am trading with so many strategies ,one thing i most like about this one is to generate return in high volatile market when we make position VIX at 18 and yesterday around 21@ even though we made some decent return....satisfied great going thank you..!

Ravi Kumar

Mumbai, Maharashtra

GOG is a boon for retail traders. I have been trading BANKNIFTY with GOG for last 2 months and consistently booking profit week on week, there strategy are hedged and bound to make profit in any situation. Now, I would rather call GOG - " God of Generating money".

Vasudhevan G

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

This is a wonderful efforts played by Great Option Guru team to still come out of consistent profit irrespective of the dynamic movement of the market. Their analysis everyday based on Market Breadth , Volatality rates and OI analysis are so great which helps us to learn a lot and the dynamic adjustments they do accordingly makes the strategy in good profit toward the weekly expiry,. Their transactions are quite clear like water !

Himanshu Shekhar

MUMBAI, Maharashtra

I had little knowledge in options. I joined Nifty & BankNifty both. It has been 4 to 5 weeks  taken by me under their supervision. I am doing what they send me as trade instructions  on whatsup. I have made money all the times. Good for retired person like me. I confess I am glad to join GOG ! I have made 4% monthly return. Can I ask for more? I am more than happy !

Binu Raveendran

Trivandrum, Kerala

Thanks to great option Guru for the support and service. Last one month I have been with great option guru for nifty strategy. Before also I have subscribed lot of tip providers and courses, but I could not able to make money consistantly from the market. But after joining great option guru I am able to make money consistantly with peace of mind and emotional balance with the strategy. Once again thanks for the all great option guru team.

Mukesh Chaudhary

Jaipur, Rajasthan

This course makes me able to make money in stock market. This is a scientific way so I become able to make money regularly. Percent profitability is also very good. I am losing money before this course. Now I able to generate profits in a constant manner. Understanding the market sentiment reading and stop loss and reverse method make me able to stay with the market and change positions according to the market. Now trading is joyful for me. Thanks GREAT OPTION GURU. HAPPY TRADING….!

Binu Raj

Thiruvalla, Kerala

Once again I would love to testify "Team Great Option Guru" as a great venue for aspiring options traders from across the country for practical, real-life and live in-person training in the industry. Gaining knowledge and acquiring education in the field of option trading is absolutely essential, which is why Team GOG came up with this one and unique kind of mentoring platform to guide retail traders to trade options in the most risk-averse way. “I started taking my mentoring lessons from Team GOG since 2017 with F&O Covered Call as the first option strategy, I learned on GOG Platform and over the period of time with disciplined Smart Income System tools developed by Team GOG, helps me build on and trade independently many covered calls and Covered Puts with a confidence on Crude Oil Futures & Options and USD-INR Currency Options, selecting the right strategies, components and attributes for the trade as per market sentiment. This series was very easy to understand and is presented in a very logical manner and highly profitable.” Hans Ji and Team, Thank-you for all the articles, videos and live trading in-sights that you have provided over the years. You are a gifted human being, and it is a real pleasure to see new retail traders learning and trading with your team to achieve financial freedom. God Bless Team GOG in their future professional ventures.

Dinesh Bhasin

Patiala, Punjab

Great show, your Weekly Banknifty Strategy is outstanding Please start weekly Nifty Strategy soon. Keep up the good work and keep up our profits ! 

Regards Col Dinesh Bhasin

Shridhar More

Pune, Maharashtra

Great learning curve with Great Option Guru. It's my first month with service and I am happy with it. You guys are thoroughly professional and deserve the name " Great Guru". Looking forward for next month learning...Thank you!!!

Nitin Shashikant Gandhi

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Sir, You and your team is the greatest service provider in India as per my knowledge. you take a trade as it it's your own hard earned money utilised. I trade as per your strategy 3 lots each (bank nifty and nifty). Since last 3 months I earned RS. 110000 through your strategy. I like your slogans very much. The originality in your nature is your positive point.


Kolkata, West Bengal

I am surajit das ,last 4 month learn & follow this system .overall my experience very good ,only great option guru trading platform in india real making money from stock market not fake. i am making money 100000 of 400000 capital in 4 month with out tension .thanks GOG team

Ramesh Rao Rananavare

BANGALORE, Karnataka

I am retired person and I have been availing the bank nifty options trading inputs from December 2018. In December itself with your great strategies recovered back my subscription charges for 3+1 month. Before availing your inputs I have been incurring losses every month forthe last one year. You are providing the market trend every day and give sufficient time before sending the real trade and you also mention around which time your are going to send the alerts. After the market closed immediately you send the necessary details how the market behaved. At any point of time we can send message to you and get clarifications and this is really great. So far I have availed inputs from many persons but they were really fake. I am learning a lot from your inputs and gaining more confidence day by day. I am really greatful to you sir. thanks a lot


RANCHI, Jharkhand

 I am booking consistently Profit in BANK-NIFTY WEEKLY STRATEGY with guidelines of Great Option Guru. Earn and learn with solid game plan and discipline. Earn without FEAR and GREED in all market situation. It is the great achievement for me. Guys who are looking for Profitable option trading MUST join GREAT OPTION GURU. Thanks.

Nitin Kumar


I made 24000/- since I joined from past 3 weeks and this profit that I earned is more than my salary, I am very satisfied and Will continue with GOG whole life, thanks very much for this good profit. Waiting desperately for next trade setup !


BELGAUM, Karnataka

I am thankful to team Great Option Guru for learning and Earning. After my subscription for a month. I am very much impressed of learning material such as 100+real time videos, E-study books, tools and resources and study books are very useful to beginners of option traders. It gives confidence, knowledge to trade.

Sikandar Parmar


This so called "VIRAT KOHLI" of OPTION trading...lots of ups n downs, losses, chaos , adjustments IN BETWEEN......but..STILL ....knows ..how to win AT LAST.....


Bhadrak, Orissa

GreatOptionGuru is an outstanding platform for learning and earning. I had suddenly come to know about it in YouTube and I had many doubts about its claimed success in Option Trading but after joining for one month I have learned a lot, how options can be traded in a disciplined way and also in first month itself I have earned money more than my expectations. So I have decided that I will remain accompanied with this great Team called GOG for forever for learning and earnings. Thanks GOG!!!

Deepak Sadhu

Bangalore, Karnataka

I, Deepak Sadhu a Company Secretary also a professional in the field of Company law have been following Great Option Guru Videos since 6 months and I have found it to be very unique; a feel good factor arises whenever I hear to your videos. After immense research I had decided to be part of this team as they are expert in Option Management. I have been doing option writing since a year but after being part of this team since 5 days I have witnessed a different level of option trading. Their updates is almost immaculate and hand holding is very systematic. My Confidence level has reached to the next level as I am in process of learning practical options trading with you. Today 21st Dec 2018 was a great day as we are in profit of 100+ points in bank nifty in just one day. Its not about making profit but how the profit was achieved is really amazing. Their management of theta, delta, vega all in one is really outstanding and the permutations combinations of the option greeks is just high class. I now understand managing a losing position is the key to success in markets and your team is doing really well to help we all small retail traders to make passive income from markets. God bless your team and may you shine like green candles and reach big big big profits. I would love to learn under your guidance and recommend many to be part of this professional team Thank you once again....

Vaibhav Prajapati

JAIPUR, Rajasthan

It was my first experience with Great Option Guru and it was amazing. I was following Great Option Guru since July 2018. I saw their Youtube video and curious to join this team. I was waiting to complete my examination. After completing my exams in Nov , I joined this Journey and it was great experience i ever had in Stock Market. They are expert. Their strategies are fabulous. Before joining GOG team, I tried many tips provider or advisory, but it was just waste of money and time. I started my successful journey in share market with GOG and yes ! GOG is real partner in Real Trading. Happy to be part of it. Thanks to Great Option Guru for this experience.

Sandeep Gupte

Nagpur , Maharashtra

My self Dr Sandeep Gupte I am trading with Great Option Guru from Jun 2016 I saw Ups and Downs of Market Including Demonetisation , I am Extremely happy with Great option Guru as support and time to time Whats app msg and Daily Morning Motivating Messages It awesome ! Hans ji support us just like one family and his guidance is extremely expert in Option trading. Bank nifty weekly strategy is Golden Strategy I Book 225 Points profit this week. Thank You So Much!

Priyatam Verma

Raigarh, Chhattisgarh

I started bank nifty with GOG last week. I was nervous because high volatility was expected due to election results outcome. But how the way they handled it is unbelievable. I have never seen such a professional trading in my 5 years of trading experience. Hats off to Great Option Guru.

Kasam Parmar


SAFE.. STILL...the... BEST...unusual deadly combination...no hassles..no complex tech analysis knowledge needed...important thing is booking of profit is advised at right time without waiting till expiry and u feel relaxed out that day....GREAT..THUMBS UP !

Venkatesh Iyer

Thane, Maharashtra

I had searched for a lot of institutes to learn options .However none of them really seemed as interesting as great option guru.The only institute in India as far as i know which is providing retail traders an opportunity to learn the world of options and earn at the same time .Our guru Hans ji has great knowledge of the subject and has explained different strategies in such an easy way that even a new trader with limited knowledge of the stock market can learn the nuances of options with ease at the comfort of your home.Really great initiative from GOG .. Thanks !

Saurabh Gupta

MEHSANA, Gujarat

I am in the Market since last more than 10 years and lost my hard earned money because of advisory companies,TV etc. I was almost decided to left the market but than I saw your videos over YouTube and than subscribe for your study Pack and realised that the option greeks are the only thing which is logical and mathematical and one can really make make money if go through proper analysis and calculation. most importantly You are the only person who shows your own accounts REALY AMAZING. I am very Thankfull to team Great Option Guru. Its realy eye opener for me. Again Heads Off to you, your analysis, technic and Logic given behind every Single Trade.

Binu Raj

Thiruvalla, Kerala

Great Option Guru quotes “Experience a whole new world of trading with Complete Peace of mind”. Trade along with experts live?? Would it be worth the money ?? All such questions always comes to mind or a new trader. But I can confirm that it is definitely worth being a part of GOG Team. The course offered by GOG Team covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to understand and absorb. The way course is structured is clear, logical and effective. Team GOG has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it and they are always ready for innovation. But it wasn’t just about the new knowledge. The main benefits came from doing assignments, practically trading with experts and analyzing the trades which ever has gone against us as, Every day markets introduces tough challenges. It is worth experiencing the live trading with experts, how they overcome challenges posed by markets on a day to day basis. Having associated with GOG Team gave me the confidence to implement new techniques in my trading experience in contrast to my past failed attempts. Wishing success to GOG team for their future !

Virendra Sharma

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

I am happy to write my views after my Suscription of almost 3 months. I find this platform really good as it is live and interactive. Response on helpline is real quick and encouraging. Videos uploaded after every week are timely and educational. If one apply these lessons in the Trading one can make really consistent income. I wish GOG team great success !


Mumbai, Maharashtra

 i tried to Learn options by some books and articles on the internet i subscribed to tips provider , however i lost all my money and promised myself never to trade in options, last month i came across a video on youtube by the Great Option Guru and some how i paid for their course and i realized they are genuine teachers and  now my knowledge is improving daily and i try to solve their daily quiz which is very good way of refreshing, please take my word and try it i am sure you will not regret it -Rollif Fernandes

Surinder Pal

Ludhiana, Punjab

Sir, I have not traded as yet. One thing I Liked the most is the example of teaching Call and Put viz Pick Up the Receiver is Call and Put Down is Called Put. My friend who was very much confused about it from last 2 year understood this thing in few seconds and we laughed on our self that such a small thing took us 2 years to understand. 

Darshan Kapadia

Mumbai, Maharashtra

“I've really enjoyed my time at GOG Platform so far and the online learning environment here greatly exceeded my expectations. I was somewhat nervous when I started, but the transition was very smooth. I would highly recommend GOG to anyone who is looking to advance their learning career in Options as the content have been extremely valuable and the mentors are full of knowledge."

Deepak Kumar Gupta

Gopalganj, Bihar

Great option guru is really a guru of option trading, GOG has developed Nifty & BankNifty Strategies which are superb & also work in all type of market condition and the second thing is the Risk Management techniques which I learnt from here are excellent to create consistent income.. I m very thankful for GOG Team for all the Support !

Santosh Kumar Netam

Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh

मेरा नाम संतोष नेताम है, मै एक शासकीय कर्मचारी हूँ ! पिछले ३ वर्ष में मैंने दो कोर्स शेयर बाज़ार को जानने के लिए किया एक टेक्निकल अनालिसीस, और ऑप्शन ट्रेडिंग पर कमाना तो दूर अपने पैसे को सेफ भी नहीं कर पाया, मै बहुत - बहुत धन्यवाद देना चाहता हूँ ग्रेट ऑप्शन गुरु की टीम को जिन्होंने इतना बेहतरीन सिस्टम बनाया की मेरे जैसे एक सामान्य व्यक्ति भी अपने आप पैसा बना सकता है वो भी बिना किसी के मदद और डर के पुनः धन्यवाद ग्रेट ऑप्शन गुरु !


Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” Friends, This is really fantastic Platform where we can learn & Earn with practical. We can understand very typical subject by simple techniques..The Great option Guru become a milestone in my journey to stock market. A big Thanks to THE GREAT OPTION GURU.

Asha Meena

Jaipur, Rajasthan

This is the only & Best Platform for the Indian Traders as I have take training from many sites but no one is taking their actual/Live trade in their account for the training purpose. All others are teaching just theory but at GOG they teaching us with Real Money in Real Account on Real market ; Really GREAT !

Rathna Shetty

Mumbai, Maharashtra

I am blessed to have all my queries solved immediately, which helped to improve my knowledge. To be very frank, after joining GOG , I am less stressed even though I have an open position overnight, which used to leave me with sleepless nights previously. It is very informative to have the videos uploaded from time to time explaining the running position and its effects along with the probability of making profits.. Thank you once again Sir ji, and the GOG team, for the wonderful Training and Great effort.

David Manohar

HYDERABAD, Telangana

I was into trading for many years, but most of the time i lost due to poor money management skills. After going through loads of stuff on web, I came to know that hedging techniques are the best to protect your capital and also to make profits. Somehow i came across Great Option Guru and trust me guys they are Real People will teach you how to manage the options Practically. I thank the Great Option Guru team for responding to all the queries immediately and guiding me . Every penny i spent here is worth it. Option training is simply superb !

Justin Boruah

Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh

 “...I owe much of the success that I've had in options to your teaching and mentoring. Aside from your clear teaching style, your emphasis on risk and money management is what separates you from the rest. "Great Strategies , great methodology, great success ! It really works, I love it !"